How do you measure world hunger?

Today I found this nifty article of how the FAO will start to measure world hunger.


Obviously in the past there have been inaccurate correlations between economic growth and food consumption. If the FAO better understands the cause of hunger then they can help fund and set up better programs to regulate food insecurity. With the FAO’s Voices of Hunger surveys they get a better gauge of how food prices affected people and the insecurity of food despite economic growth in developing countries. This process will take about 5 years and will assist the policy makers with having the most up to date information. What better way of finding out why hunger exists then personally asking those suffering from it! I believe surveys like this should have been done a long time ago. So that policy makers do not just see the black of white of hunger, if people had food or not, but see what people had to go through not to starve.

As for my experience,  having been in Nepal for one month I have not starved but I am lacking in vitamins. Because of supply and costs, most people here in Nepal are limited to eating meat only twice a week. Their daily meals consist of rice, lentils, and vegetables. Most of the time meals are made out of carbohydrates with more carbohydrates lacking in many essential vitamins, thus leading to malnutrition for many people. Some families only eat 2 meals a day so that they can afford to purchase meat twice a week. There are lots of crops and food available here so there may seem like there is not a shortage of food but in reality they lack a lot of nutrition here which is a factor of world hunger. Hopefully, these situations and factors will be taken into consideration from the surveys the FAO will conduct.


4 responses to “How do you measure world hunger?

  1. it is good that you have experienced the world and are branching out. I think it is important to make everyone aware of issues like this and many more that seem to be overlooked. I found you on twitter @hungrynomo so catchy!

  2. Great information here. I look forward to reading more on your blog in the weeks to come. Include your Twitter handle here somewhere for those who stumble onto your blog (cross-promote).

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